Why spend three years teaching folk what we already know?'

Can education provide highly trained graduate artists and liberal creative artists? Does it need too? I understand the point of higher education there days is to secure higher paid graduate jobs. Sort of like a down payment of a future career. But do courses really need to panda to industries every whim and fickle change of heart? Surely the 3 years can be better spent acquiring a wide range of skills, experimenting and developing. What universities are great for are there shared learning experiences the colliding of ideas and the passing on of knowledge. Turn them into production lines begins to lose some of the appeal for me. Sure a great job would be nice but its not the be all and end all.

this job vacancy at EA has a long list of requirements and the very bottom of the preferred skills is a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or related program. So employers are looking for graduates but not nessicerally specific 'game art' ones. I guess graduating any arts based course is assumed to provide a key set of skills. Maybe its up to the course to decided what other elements would be best to support those key skills. This Is a very complex area and Im beginning to lose my train of thought on the matter. Iv realised that a lot of people myself included start university not really knowing what they want out of it. Other than that elusive great job at the end of it all.

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