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'Creativity without craft is like fuel without an engine - it burns wildly but accomplishes little...

'Craft without creativity is like an engine without any fuel – going nowhere fast..'

Creativity is part of the human condition, with us our entire history. Its potential lies within all of us the trick is focusing it in a productive way. Creativity can manifest itself as a desire to solve problems. Some of these of these problems are unique to a person while other are more universal. Artistic creativity began with our ancestors need to record information about food location and such. It allowed people to communicate there experience to a wider audience and it has snow balled from there. Technological developments have allow us more ways to solve these age all problems. The end result of all 'creative industries' is essentially trying to communicate. Each person involved in the process adds a little to it, things they have gathered through there own unique experiences. So the result Is a collection of people own unique creative interpretations. Then that end piece is seen by other who add it to there collective experience and so on and so on. So for example when you play a game, your in a way playing every game the people who made the game ever played. Filtered edited warp manipulated and moulded into a new experience. Its true that nothing is created in a vacuum. So its important for a career in the 'creative industries' that you can organise all this information and use it in a way that solves the problem your face with. Weather it be to create a new interesting character or simply modelling a tree. In the case of the tree it might not be obvious where the creativity is applied since you cant really redesign a tree, but using creative thinking you can find way to model it fast or more efficiently. Both are vital in a cost driven industry. So you could say everyone has a creative obligation to approach everyday life in new ways , constantly improving and trying new things. Its how we got to where we are today.

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