The Culture of Gaming

Game culture has always been a bit of an uneasy bedfellow for me. When socialising with groups of friends games are rarely topics of conversation. They are massively over shadowed by old favourites Music, Film and TV. They have not quite reached the platform of socially acceptable 'table talk'. For example, when meeting someone for the first time it is easy to ask their favourite musician, actor or film but a whole lot harder to ask their favourite video game. For all you know they may never have played a game their entire lives.

This situation is thankfully changing all the time, games culture is finding its way into the mainstream, even if people don't realise it. In recent years more casual and group orientated games have helped push games culture mainstream, Nintendo's Wii has been a big part of this. It’s these sort of games I find myself taking part in most. Our house has been the scene of many video game based drinking games before Friday night’s out. I have dabbled into the world of on-line gaming but found it a relatively unrewarding affair.

Pulling off a well timed head shot is far less fun in a room on your own than it is on a sofa next to a few friends. I even have (to my shame.) a WoW account, but even whilst playing that player interaction is more a ‘means to an end’ than it is the main attraction. I can see the potential in it, the ability to interact with people of all races and nationalities in a safe and friendly atmosphere. It’s just a shame most gamers have little of interest to say.

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