What am I hoping to get out of university? Besides a nice piece of paper and a sense of accomplishment? First I think I'll have developed a greater sense of what im capable of and how i want to apply it. I will have hopefully made some decisions on where i'd like to take my career. On top of that and I suppose more importantly I'll have learnt some useful new skills especially In the 3d aspect of the course. At the start of the year that was the hardest part for me, I cant say that was a total shock but the learn curve for these programmes is quite steep and you have to be determined to get anything back. I think that going to be the deciding factor in how successful I am on the course – determination. I have also began to look at 3ds-max in another way, kind of a puzzle or a problem solving exercise. It reminds me of play with Lego as a kid, once you know how all the bits fit together the only real limit is your imagination. Admittedly I only know a few of the 'blocks' at the minute. A lot of what holds my back is physiological, I tend to get overwhelmed by complex things. Iv' found it helps if I break things down and make lists of what I need to do. Even these blogs go through that process and some are rewritten several times. Which is why I tend to leave them I guess.

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