A brief confession.

OK then, I'll be honest the last week or so has been spent furiously trying to catch up on work before Monday’s assessments. There are no real excuses as to why I’ve fallen behind, mainly just (very) poor time management on my part. I’ve also realized I need to be putting in a lot more hours. That being said I do feel I’ve learned a lot about myself and my motivations this past week or so. I’ve seen just how much I can get done in a day if I focus. I have also learned how much I enjoy creating work. This semester started very slowly for me, but now I feel I’ve built up some momentum, momentum I want to carry on over Christmas and into the New Year. Also now I’ve got up to date with my blog I'll hopefully be using it more. Now I’ve archived a kind of blank slate. That’s another thing I’ve learnt about falling behind on work, it tends to snowball and the hole gets deeper requiring more climbing to get out. I remember my house mate (he's in his 2nd year studying History of Art and English at Leicester uni) saying to me; “half of uni is learning your subject; the other half is learning how to learn.” I think I'm starting to learn how to learn and not be led every step of the way.

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